How To Calculate The Percentage

How to calculate the percentage of a number | How to calculate the percentage of profit

What is percentage

The word percentage is believed to originate from per centum. It is a Latin word that means by a hundred. Some also believe that it came from the French word pour cent, which translates to the same as the Latin word By a hundred. We usually use it to estimate a fraction of a full number. It doesn’t have a unit of measure; like distance has a kilometer, or weight has a kilogram. Instead, it is a pure number. The symbol which we use for it is called the per cent sign which looks like this ‘%’ which is used to calculate the percentage of profit.

Brief history

We calculate the percentage regularly and use it in our daily life as a way to appreciate someone’s efforts by saying things like he gave his 200 per cent in this project or assignment. but have you ever wondered where it came from? Where is it used? The traces of it can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Its first use was believed to be by Roman Emperor Augustus as a tax on auction called Centesima Rerum Venalium. It translates to the hundredth of the value of everything that got sold. Simply said it means 1 per cent tax on everything sold at auction. As the use of money grew, the calculation based on the value hundred grew as well and it became universal. It also started to apply in various things like profit and loss, Interest rates. By the 17th century, it got standardized for calculating interest rates.

Places Use to calculate Percentage 

Nowadays, the use of percentages is very common. Nowadays from big companies to small retailers trick customers into thinking they are giving a heavy discount by writing upto 50% or 60% discount. But only a few items will have that discount. We use it in predictions as well, like, how our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow by 8 or maybe 10 %. Which is safer than giving the numbers. Because even if the prediction fluctuates the number will only fall by a per cent. Which won’t cause as much panic as the number might do. The percentage for a long time is being used in the mark sheets to average out the numbers across the subjects.Which helps mask the lower grades in a subject.

Methods to calculate Percentage

We have taken out three types of methods that you can use to calculate a percentage, Reverse calculate and even find out the start number of a percentage. 

Here’s how you can use them for calculation – 

Percentage calculation

To calculate the percentage of any number you just need to know the total of that figure you want to know the percentage of. For example, someone got 789 out of 1300 in exams. To calculate the percentage of 789 you can just divide 789 of 1300 and multiply it by 100 the answer will be the percentage they can get in exams 

7891300 = 0.6069  then, 0.6069100 = 60.69

Reverse Percentage Calculation

To convert from percentage to number. First, you need to know what percentage you want to convert, let us say you want to know 7 percent of 635. To do this you need to divide 7 percent to 100 which will give you 0.07, then simply multiply 0.07 to 635 and you’ll get your answer which is 44.45. This method can be used to figure out the number of any percentage without the need of using the method of calculating the percentage.

7100 = 0.07 then, 0.07635= 44.45 

Start Number Calculation

Using this method you can find the sum by calculating the percentage you want to find out. For example, you already know 8 is 63 percent of something to find. What we can do is divide the 63 by 100 and then multiply it to 8 which will give us 12.69. That means 8 was 63 percent of 12.69. This method is easy to do in cases like these because sometimes people say that this item has been discounted 65 percent or maybe 78 per cent to figure out the actual cost of that product. You can use this method to help you understand, the Maximum retail price of that item.

63 100=0.63 then, 0.638 = 12.69

Conclusion: (How to calculate the percentage of profit)

In this blog, we stumbled across the history of percentages and learned the first use of a kind of percentage formula. It was used by the first Roman emperor of Ancient Rome. Even though this is a really old way of calculation, It still has much larger effects on our daily lives. Because on various levels we use percentage as a medium to communicate and attract customers. We used three kinds of methods to find out the percentage, the total sum, and the number itself.

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