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How to Earn Money Online in India | how to earn money online in india for students | how to earn indian money online

2020 fundamentally changed our lives, Our way of living. Our way of doing various things like getting some groceries and going to work. It affected people of all ages, Whether they were school going kids or working-class people, No one was left unscratched. Pandemic made people move to online mediums for all their necessities. And most people have shifted to online mediums to find ways to earn money. Many of them fell into the traps and got targeted by the ill practices of the scammers. After hearing so many instances we thought we should do something to help people in need. 

Dont’sEarn Money Online

First, let’s look at the things that we mustn’t do because many assume that there are legitimate and stable ways to earn money in a night in India. Here they are – 


During the research of this blog, I saw many websites where users just have to download and install an app for a limited time to get rewarded points. But that is not true for most. Instead, all they do is ask the users to fill up lengthy forms to sell that personal data later to the marketing agencies to earn money themselves.


As we know there are hundreds of fantasy games based apps out there on the internet. Due to this reason, India still doesn’t have strict cyber laws against such games. Although online gambling of any kind is against the law in India. But these companies are taking advantage of a loophole that is their games are a game of skills and not a game of chance. Yet people lose hundred of thousand rupees in these apps. 

Do’sEarn Money Online ( Indian )

These are the most common ones people fall prey to. Now, let’s look at ways in which we can make money from – 


In this era where people interact more than ever on social media platforms, one can build their career as an Influencer on these social media platforms and earn money online. I remember hearing about how celebs get paid thousands of rupees for posting a picture or a tweet on social media. But this isn’t limited to the celebs, But people with a good following can benefit the same. To become an influencer on these platforms one needs to build an audience. The audience for the content they want to put out. What an Influencer does is that either they help people with their experience in things like fashion, Dietary, Day to day habits etc.

Content creators

we are in the age where. We aren’t dependent on gatekeepers like we used to have in earlier times. Gatekeepers essentially here are a group of people who decide the fate of Art or Rather An Art form itself.


In this Era, if someone wants to earn money by selling their art online Independently. For example, One doesn’t need conventional methods like going to an Art gallery owner and asking them to display your work. In today’s time, Many websites exist for this reason alone. 


According to a study published by the Technical University of Denmark, our collective attention span is getting narrower by the amount of content we get to help this problem and get the information through. Someone with knowledge about certain things can become a podcaster to help people get information while doing the work. Podcasters usually earn money from sponsorships done by brands


One of my favourite writers who later became a podcaster often mentioned in their podcast that anybody can become a writer just by putting enough hours into it. Content writer is a worthy career in which people can write the item description in an online store, write a caption in social media posts. You can earn money online out of it by freelancing in writing or just by starting a good blog about some topic you wish that more people should know about. Successful bloggers earn a pretty good amount from their blogs and the Ad revenue of the website.


I’m sure you must’ve seen videos on YouTube and other social media platforms on how people’s experiences are on things like trips, restaurants, local tours, or a visit to a tourist spot. Those videos are called vlogs. In this age of smartphones, we are always vlogging ready because to start vlogs you just need a device to shoot a video and record audio, sometimes even the audios aren’t necessary as people also enjoy videos with great music with great scenery.

Online Teacher

We have seen how online education is picking up around the world because of the pandemic. People without an honour’s degree can teach kids below class 10 and people with an honours degree can teach specific subjects and earn money online according to their degree. To be a teacher one just needs to be better than their students and not the best in the field.

Indian Freelancer helps in how to earn money online in india for students

Freelancing is also a good alternative for the people who feel tired of the office job, or just want to be their boss. To do freelancing one should have complete confidence in their core skills. Anyone can do it with a great grip on their core skills with marketing skills, Even if they do not have it they can simply take the help of someone with this skill. Freelancing is possible for anyone but here are some skills that are in demand 

Affiliating marketing

In this digital era, earn money online, offline marketing is just a fraction of the massive industry. It is a type of inexpensive marketing that helps the brands focus their funds on marketing without spending a lot. Affiliate marketing can be done by people with great numbers of followers. People doing this marketing can earn up to 10-15 percent of the sale.

Content writer

Content writing is a vast field. In this one can write reviews, blogs, articles, newsletters, Captions of social media posts, write content for marketing campaigns etc.

Virtual assistance

As the name suggests. In this, the person needs to be assistance for someone and to the task of it from their homes like 

Graphic designer

Who doesn’t love to have a good logo for their website or have a great cover for their magazine. This always stays in demand. Even the early pay in this is quite higher than most jobs on the market.


You must be wondering what is this, and what do people do in this. In this multilingual people help in writing the subtitles that users use to watch a movie with the language they do not understand or even sometimes the same language as the audio. 

Conclusion ( how to earn indian money online from home)

If you have read till now you have learned about what things can help you and cannot help you earn money online in India. All the things mentioned in this article are going to take some time before you can monetise them. So, be patient and work hard. But if you are someone who is in need of a payout you can always take the loan which you can give back over time. Thank you for reading the blog.

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