How To Port Vodafone To Jio? 2 Method’s

how to port vodafone to jio

how to port vodafone to jio?

Welcome to Indian Festivals Blog of How to Port Vodafone to Jio online at home.

The advent of Jio in the network provider space a few years back has intensified the competition among various networks. It is attracting a large number of customers to Jio domains from other popular networks by announcing some highly attractive rates, tariffs, and free offers. If you are a Vodafone customer who wants to port to Jio, follow these simple steps to do the porting.

What is porting?

Before porting to another network service provider, first you should know what porting is.

Porting is the process through which your existing number will be moved to the new network to which you are porting. So, you can continue using your same number under the new network.

About Reliance Jio : How to port vodafone to jio

Before porting to Jio, let’s tell you about some interesting facts about Jio.

Reliance Jio has already emerged as one of the largest telecom operators in India with 4G VoLTE connectivity across the country. The operator sells competitive prepaid and postpaid plans to attract its customers. In addition to this, it also offers benefits including Disney+ Hotstar VIP access and complimentary subscription to Jio apps. Jio also offers benefits such as packs for in-flight connectivity and long-validity packs exclusively for prepaid customers.

Porting to Jio: how to port vodafone to jio

Jio allows you to port your mobile number through its prepaid and postpaid services and through both online and offline channels. You must keep your original address and identity proof. Proof can be your driver’s license or any other valid address and identity document. Like other operators, Jio offers doorstep delivery of new SIM cards, though you also have the option of visiting a nearby Jio store or Jio retailer with your mobile phone to get the porting done. You can also use the MyJio app on your phone to book delivery of a new SIM.

Step-by-step guide t:

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to port your existing mobile number to Jio prepaid or postpaid service. The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) process takes up to 48 hours in the case of an intra-circle port. However, if you are changing your telecom circle, it may take up to four days. The porting process is expected to take 15 days for customers from Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and North East India.

How to port Vodafone to Jio offline?

1.      To start the process of SIM porting from Vodafone to the Jio network, you need to first send an SMS to 1900 from the number you want to port. In the message box, type <PORT<space><your 10-digit mobile number>.

2.       You will get an SMS from the Vodafone network containing details like UPC code (Universal Product Code) and expiry details.

3. Drop in at any Reliance Jio/Digital/DX Mini retail store near you. You need to carry your smartphone, UPC code, and Jio coupon code.

4.       The staff at the store will ask you to provide proof of address and proof of identity. You can submit any accepted document for this. You will also be asked to provide your passport-size photograph.

5.       Now your Jio connection will be activated on the store.

6.       If you are a Vodafone postpaid customer, you must ensure to clear all dues with Vodafone before starting the porting process.

7.       Once these steps are completed, the process of porting from Vodafone to Jio will be done in around 7 working days. Till then you can continue using your Vodafone number without any interruption.

how to port Vodafone to Jio online?

 To port your Vodafone SIM number to Reliance Jio, you need to send an SMS for porting. Send “PORT<10 digit mobile number>” to 1900.

Step 1: Download the MyJio app

To port your mobile number to Jio online, first download the MyJio app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Step 2: Open the Jio App and Go to the Porting Option

As soon as you open the app, click on the button below “Not a Jio user?” it is said.

Step 3. Select how to port vodafone to jio

Now another option will come where you have to choose between “Port-in to Jio” or “Get Jio SIM”.

Step 4. Enter your details and confirm OTP

When you tap on the Port-in to Jio button, another page opens where you have to enter your full name and mobile number and generate OTP. After providing your details, verify your details with a One Time Password which will be sent from Jio to your mobile number.

Step 5. Select Existing Number (MNP) Option for how to port Vodafone to jio

After verification, you will be asked to choose between “New Number” or “Existing Number (MNP)”.

Step 6. Choose between Prepaid or Postpaid SIM

Once you tap on the Existing Number (MNP) option, you will be asked to choose between prepaid or postpaid.

 Step 7. Select your initial Jio plan

It is mandatory to choose a Jio plan while porting to Jio SIM from another network. You can also change your plan while depositing your SIM.

Step 8. Confirm your home delivery address

At the end enter your full address carefully. You will get your Jio SIM at your doorstep for free.

Summary: how to port vodafone to jio?

1.       How to port vodafone to jio: Porting is the process of changing your existing number to the ported network.

2.       About Reliance Jio.

3.       Porting to Jio.

4.       How to port vodafone to jio offline?

a.       Send an SMS to 1900.

b.       You will get an SMS from the Vodafone network with UPC code.

c.       Go to the nearest Reliance store with proof of address, proof of identity, smartphone, and passport size photograph.

d.       Jio connection will be activated in the store.

e.       Ensure to clear all dues with Vodafone before starting the porting process.

f.        The process of porting from Vodafone to Jio will be done in around 7 working days.

5.       How to port vodafone to jio online?

a.       Send “PORT<10 digit mobile number>” to 1900.

b.       Download MyJio app.

c.       Open the Jio App and Go to Porting Option.

d.       click on the button below “Not a Jio user?”.

e.       Select Port-in to Jio.

f.        Enter your details and confirm OTP.

g.       Select Existing Number (MNP) Option.

h.       Choose between Prepaid or Postpaid SIM.

i.         Select your initial Jio plan.

j.         Confirm your home delivery address.

k.       You will get your Jio SIM at your doorstep for free.

For other Service Providers porting details , click here

Thank you for reading how to port vodafone to jio

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Short Essay On Diwali | Paragraph On Diwali

Diwali is the most famous, enjoyable, and cool festival in India. Every time in school or in Tuitions teacher usually asks students to write a short essay on Diwali or write an essay on Diwali of 500 words. That really great fun to write an essay about what we like the most so we can share the best experience with you. Diwali is every year’s favorite festival not only for Childers and even for adults also. Everyone easily can write an essay on Diwali but Sometimes we are confused when we have to write a long essay lo 500 words or above on Diwali.

If you are looking for a short essay or essay on Diwali in English. If you are looking for a short paragraph on Diwali? so you are at the right place. we can provide the best short essay on the Diwali festival and the best 500 words paragraph on Diwali.

5 Lines Essay on Diwali |Diwali Essay in English

Below 5 lines essay is for small children’s of Class KG to Class 2nd

5 Lines Essay on Diwali

Diwali is the most famous & Unique festival in India.
It is the festival of lights.
This festival usually comes in Oct or Nov month.
On Diwali Indian’s decorates their home with Diya and Candles
Diwali defines the victory of Good over bad.

10 Lines Essay on Diwali

10 lines essay is for small children of Class 3rd to Class 5th

10 Lines Essay on Diwali

– Diwali is one of the most famous and largest festivals of India.
– Diwali is also known by other names like Deepawali, Festival of lights, and Deewali.
– It is the most famous festival in many religions like Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians also.
– People burn firecracker on this day.
-On Diwali people usually cook different types of food and sweets.
-Diwali is celebrated for returning of Bhagwan Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvas
-Diwali is the festival of happiness and light.
-At this festival, we plan to get together with our family and relatives to a small house party.
– People decorate their houses with Diya, Candle and with many different types of lights
– On this day Indian’s do worship of Mata Laxmi (Goddess Lakshmi).

Short Essay on Essay on Diwali | 15 Lines

Below 15 lines essay is for children of Class 6th to Class 8th

Diwali is the most lighting and special festival in India.
On this day Lord Ram( Bhagwan Ram ) returned back to Ayodhya with his wife Mata Seeta and brother Laxman. On this Diwali festival Delhi govt. ban firecrackers in Delhi to reduce air pollution. Most of the People in India paint their houses before Diwali. At this festival, people do worship Lashami (Goddess) & Ganesh (God).
On this day every house is decorated with candles and Diya. People share sweets with their relatives.
On DiwaliIndian’s feel very lucky day for buying new things like Car, Home, Clothes, bike, and scooter.
Diwali is a 5 days big Festival.
Most people celebrate Choti Diwali also which is celebrated 1 day before Diwali

Essay on Diwali

Essay on Diwali

India is the land of fairs and festivals. Diwali is the Grandest and Favorite festival of Hindus. The word ‘Diwali’ is a Synonym of the Sanskrit word Deepavali, Which means a row of Diya’s or lights. In fact, it’s a “festival of Lamps” and a “Display of Crackers”. The Hindus have the largest no. of the festival list, But it is the most pleasant and pleasure-giving festival of them all.

It is held in the last days of October month or at the beginning of November. The approach of the festivals is boldly looked forward to by every class & every caste of people. The famished laborers, the over time-worked teachers, the care-worn clerks, joyfully children, private companies employees or Govt. Company employees, everyone Eagerly long for the holidays.

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Festivals of light
wish you happy diwali

Shops and Bazaars are tastefully decorated and illuminated. In big cities like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Gujrat some shops and companies put up a grand show just for the sake of advertisements. Our online shops like Amazon, Flipkart, Shop Clues, etc. are also decorated with special discounted offers. All houses and streets are thoroughly cleaned and decorated. In the evening only the houses are lit up with millions of Diyas and millions of earthen lamps. candles and electric lights and bulbs. That night looks as bright as a day. Even happy people move in the crowds, admiring the illuminations.

In every religion, People put on their best and new clothes. They make new purchases in bazaars. The articles chiefly in demand on Diwali are toys, dolls, sweetmeats, utensils, and crackers. Of late the desire for crackers and other fireworks has increased.

The streets of town and villages are too loud with their explosion. It creates a beautiful view of the sky at night. But it is also a big reason for pollution. On this day Mata Lakshmi (Laxmi) the goddess of wealth is worshipped as Lord Ganesh. Because Lord Ganesh is worshipped first in any Pooja as he is the God who removes Obstacles and worshipped first. In different parts of India, it is celebrated in different ways. In Punjab, it is celebrated as a day. But in Rajasthan, U.P, Bihar, and these types of cities, it lasts for four days. It is also a universally celebrated festival by Hindus, Sikhs, and in some other religions also. People share their status on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Why do people celebrate Deepavali?

Ans: Diwali which is called the light festival is celebrated in the victory of lights over dark. And in some parts of India, it is also celebrated to welcome Lord Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvas with his wife and brother after defeating the evil Rawana

When is Diwali celebrated?

Ans: As Diwali is not according to the normal British calendar which we normally use at our house or on our Mobile phones. Instead, Diwali is celebrated as per the Hindu lunar calendar in Kartik month on Purnima Day.

Do Muslims Celebrate Diwali?

Ans. Diwali is a Hindu festival. However, It will be shocking for everyone that some Mughals celebrate Diwali as it’s a festival of joy and it is also the coolest festival in India. Even Muhammad Big Tuglaq ( who ruled Delhi till 1351 also celebrated Diwali and other Hindu festivals).

How many festivals are connected to Diwali?

Ans: Accordingly in our history Diwali is a 5 day long festival according to Hindu Lunar Calendar. which is started with Dhanteras and ends Bhai Dooj.

From where we can Buy Diwali new Clothes?

Ans: Usually it is really Good and common question asked by many people. In General, everyone has a good market for shopping need to buy there home but after the Covid 19 situation. I will not suggest anyone go out shopping. In that case, you can choose the best online market sale platform Amazon. Amazon is also launching Amazon sales or Big Billion Sale from time to time worldwide.

Sawan 2023

Essay On Republic Day

essay on republic day

Essay On Republic Day – Paragraph On Republic Day – 5 lines Essay on Republic Day – 10 lines Essay on Republic Day in English | Indian Republic Day – India Republic Day – 26 January

History of India Republic Day

indian Republic Day

On January 26 1930, They finally took the oath for self-rule. Because before that All the national political parties excluding the All India Home Rule League were only asking for political freedom from the British crown. Meaning they just wanted them to not interfere in Indian politics, They want brits to have dominion status over India and keep ruling India from afar. But Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant were the ones who made parties Known as the Indian Home rule league and the Home rule league who buried the seed for the Home rule movement.

1916 – 1918

They later came together in the umbrella of the All India Home Rule League with like minded people, In that party, there was Mohammad Ali Jinnah from the All India Muslim League, Joseph Baptista was a politician, activist and the first president of the Indian Home Rule League, G. S. Khaparde a political activist and one of the founding members of the Indian Home Rule, Sir S. Subramania Iyer was the Vice-President during Dr Annie Besant’s tenure as President at Theosophical Society.

Essay On Republic Day – Paragraph On Republic Day – 5 lines Essay on Republic Day – 10 lines Essay on Republic Day in English | indian Republic Day – india Republic Day

5 lines Essay on Republic Day in English

Indian Republic Day is the National Holiday.
Republic day is celebrated on the 26th of January every time.
On this day Indian laws came into power.
Each year a parade is held at Rajpath.
Functions get held at schools.

5 lines Essay on Republic Day in Hindi

गणतंत्र दिवस राष्ट्रीय अवकाश है।
गणतंत्र दिवस हर बार 26 जनवरी को मनाया जाता है।
इस दिन भारतीय कानून सत्ता में आए थे।
हर साल राजपथ पर एक परेड आयोजित की जाती है।
स्कूलों में समारोह होते हैं।

5 lines Essay on Republic Day in English

10 lines Essay on Republic Day in English

India Republic Day is the National Holiday.
Republic day is celebrated on the 26th of January every time.
This is the day when the constitution of India came into power.
Each year a parade gets held at Rajpath that goes to Red Fort.
Parades always have important foreign people.
Schools held functions to celebrate republic day.
Students perform different acts in those functions.
Schools give sweets at the end of the functions.
The Republic day celebration goes on for 3 days each year.
The ending ceremony is called The Beating Retreat ceremony

10 lines Essay on Republic Day in Hindi

गणतंत्र दिवस राष्ट्रीय अवकाश है।
गणतंत्र दिवस हर बार 26 जनवरी को मनाया जाता है।
यह वह दिन है जब भारत का संविधान सत्ता में आया था।
हर साल राजपथ पर एक परेड आयोजित की जाती है जो लाल किले तक जाती है।
परेड में हमेशा महत्वपूर्ण विदेशी लोग होते हैं।
गणतंत्र दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में स्कूलों में कार्यक्रम आयोजित किए गए।
छात्र उन कार्यों में विभिन्न कार्य करते हैं।
समारोह के अंत में स्कूल मिठाई देते हैं।
गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह हर साल 3 दिनों तक चलता है।
समापन समारोह को बीटिंग रिट्रीट समारोह कहा जाता है

10 lines Essay on Republic Day
26 January

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Short Essay on Republic Day in English | Paragraph On Republic Day 26 January

india Republic Day

Republic Day is the National Holiday. It is celebrated on the 26th of January each year. It signifies the day the Constitution of India came into existence and The laws of Britain became the past. Prime minister of India and President of India visit the Amar Jawan Jyoti to give respect to martyr soldiers and sing The National Anthem, End their visit with a 21 gun salute followed by their escort to the Rajpath. Every year in Delhi they hold a parade to showcase the strengths of the defence forces of India. As well as Paramilitary and BSF followed by NCC cadets and students from different schools and states who display their culture at it. Prade gets concluded at Red Fort on the same day but the celebration goes on for four days. By the end of it, they perform a ceremony called Beating Retreat.

Different schools hold functions in which students participate and perform different acts.

Short Essay on Republic Day in Hindi | Paragraph On Republic Day in Hindi

paragraph On Republic Day

गणतंत्र दिवस राष्ट्रीय अवकाश है। यह प्रत्येक वर्ष 26 January को मनाया जाता है। यह उस दिन को दर्शाता है जिस दिन भारत का संविधान अस्तित्व में आया और ब्रिटेन के कानून अतीत बन गए। भारत के प्रधान मंत्री और भारत के राष्ट्रपति शहीद सैनिकों को सम्मान देने के लिए अमर जवान ज्योति पर जाते हैं और राष्ट्रगान गाते हैं, उनकी यात्रा 21 तोपों की सलामी के साथ समाप्त होती है, जिसके बाद राजपथ तक उनका अनुरक्षण होता है।

हर साल दिल्ली में वे भारत के रक्षा बलों की ताकत का प्रदर्शन करने के लिए एक परेड आयोजित करते हैं। साथ ही अर्धसैनिक और बीएसएफ के बाद एनसीसी कैडेट और विभिन्न स्कूलों और राज्यों के छात्र जो इसमें अपनी संस्कृति का प्रदर्शन करते हैं। उसी दिन लाल किले में परेड समाप्त हो जाती है लेकिन उत्सव चार दिनों तक चलता है। इसके अंत तक, वे बीटिंग रिट्रीट नामक एक समारोह करते हैं।

परेड मुंबई, चेन्नई, बैंगलोर और कोलकाता जैसे अन्य शहरों में भी आयोजित की जाती हैं। विभिन्न स्कूल समारोह आयोजित करते हैं जिसमें छात्र भाग लेते हैं और विभिन्न कार्य करते हैं।


Ques. Why do we celebrate India Republic day on 26 January?

Ans. Because today the Indian constitution became effective.

Ques. On which date we used to celebrate Indian Republic day between 1930 to 1947?

Ans. 26 January.

Ques. Who declared Jan 26 as the Indian Republic day?

Ans. Indian National Congress. 

Ques.  which movement changed their demands from asking for dominion status to Self rule aka Full Independence? 

Ans. Home Rule Movement 

Ques. Who started the home rule movement?

Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, G.S.Khaparde, Joseph Baptista, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir S.Subramania Iyer, Satendra Nath Bose and the leader of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant were the ones who started this movement and changed the core of Independence the Indian politicians were asking for.

Ques. How long does the home rule movement go on?

Ans. It lasted for around 2 years from 1916 to 1918, although the people were struggling with this idea a lot longer.

Essay on Republic Day – Paragraph on Republic Day

Ques. How does Republic day get celebrated across India?


  • Delhi – We do the grandest celebration in the Capital Delhi on indian Republic Day, hold a parade of numerous defence forces to showcase their strengths from all three forces of Indian Army that include Army, Navy and Air force but not limited to them It also includes Paramilitary and Indian police force who showcases their strengths. They show bike stunts sho in the parade done by professionals. In the end, NCC cadets also participated in the parade. The celebration lasts for around four days.
  • West Bengal –  It is the second most impressive in terms of showcasing the military might, It takes place on the historic Red Road in front of Fort William in Kolkata’s Maidan, At the beginning military fly-past. It includes Various defence forces who showcase their different arsenals there. 
  • Tamil Nadu – The parade was held at Marina Beach, Chennai. It starts by hoisting the National Flag of India in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue. The parade includes the Armed forces, Paramilitary force, State police force and school bands. There are also some cultural events in the state.

Those were the few whom I highlighted but each state host different things to celebrate Republic day. Read more blogs here

Thank you for reading.

Best Places To Visit In Delhi on New Year’s

best places to visit in delhi

Best places to visit in Delhi on New Year’s

Hi, Delhi people’s welcome to your own Blog –best places to visit in delhi . I hope you will enjoy the below information and our selected list of best places for you.

As New Year is a very unique and enjoyable Festivals in India and in other countries also. But Delhi has many options to visit and most of the people from you guys are party lover most of are food lover so I have mixed the things up and give you the best option in Delhi.

Delhi is the center capital of India. Day and Night party Life of Delhi is much interesting. Delhi has many lounges & cafes, Restro’s, Malls, Showroom, and many Adventure places, etc.

Best Places To Visit In Delhi on New Year-Malls

As we can find many malls and shopping area’s in Delhi. There are thousands of Malls in Delhi. But some are to Famous and Big and some have only basic facilities. Some of the Malls celebrates very grandly New Year party and Other Festivals also Like Diwali, Christmas Ect.

  1. Pacific Mall ( Tagore Garden)
  2. DLF Mall ( Vasant Kunj, Saket, and Shalimar Bagh)
  3. Ambiance Mall ( Rohini and Vasant Kunj
  4. Select City Mall ( Saket)
  5. V3S (Nirman Vihar)
  6. Cross River Mall
  7. Metro Walk (Rohini)
  8. City Square & TDI Mall ( Rajouri Garden)

Best places to visit in Delhi on new year’s-Cafe & Lounges

If you want to Celebrate New Year in Delhi city then cafes and lounges are one of the best options. Because it gives you everything at one place only you will be able to enjoy Food, Drink’s, Music and Dance. Because Most of the nice Lounge’s and Cafe’s provides all these facilities. Let’s Check out the Few best Places you can find Nice Café and Lounges with Great and decent crowd.

Punjabi Bagh (Club Road)

Punjabi Bagh is a very Good area. Here you can find many lounges and Café on a Single Road (Club Road). More than 50 lounges are there on this road but few are too good and Unique. Let’s see the best option you will get in Punjabi Bagh ( AIR, Raftaar, Andhadund, radioactive, TEO, My Bar, Masaba, and many more.)

Hudson Lane ( North Campus)

Hudson lane is located just near North Campus DU Colleges. As it is very near to Delhi university. So most of the College student visits the Hudson lane for any type of occasion. Most of the cafes in Hudson Lane is so pocket friendly and have a very taste and unique food’s. Few are most famous in Hudson Lane ( HouseFull Cafe, Lazy Bar, By the Bay, Woodbox, 726 AD cafe and many more options are available. I suggest you use the Dineout App for the best information and get extra Discounted offers.

Satya Niketan ( South Delhi)

Satya Niketan is just like Hudson lane it is also located near many colleges but in the South Campus area. This place has the Cheapest menus in all of Delhi. All the cafes and lounges are so cheap in price and Unique Interior in every lounge and cafe. You may get confused there that which one you will choose because all are very cheap and unique. Here I can help you to Choose with my Personal Experience. Whenever I visited Satya Niketan for any kind of party I usually preferred The Bowton House cafe, Off-Campus, Kabila Cafe, Pipeline Cafe, Rustic Cafe, and Xero Degree. These are really unique and have great taste in food. But you can also try many other cafes there.

Rajouri garden

Rajouri Garden is one of the best places to find many restro and lounges in west Delhi. Here you can find Big Lounges that have special themes Restro’s. Like, Boom Box cafe, Jazbaa lounge, and bar, Qubitos, Duty Freem Suroor Reloaded, Electro, etc.

East Delhi

East Delhi is not that famous for lounges and cafes. They don’t have a variety of lounges in Easy Delhi. But if you are from easy Delhi don’t worry we also have the collection of the lounge from easy days those are few but special. Let’s check those out below.

# The Salt Cafe Kitchen (Preet Vihar)
#G2 Cafe (Anand Vihar)
# GooseBumps (karkadooma)
#Cafe 360 in Preet Vihar
#Handa Punjabi Cafe (Laxmi Nagar)

Celebrate New Year In CP (Connaught Place)

CP (Connaught Place) Centre area of Delhi. Which has Lakhs of footfall on normal days. So you can easily imagine how it can be on every new year’s eve. But as 2020-2021 is corona Year. Delhi still suffering from corona so maybe this year there will not be so many people visits and make the crowd more uncomeatable. Else CP has many events on this day and most of the events have celebrity Chef Guests like Raftaar, Honey Singh, Tv Actoress, and TikTok Stars.

Adventure Place for Adventure lovers – best places to visit in delhi on new year’s

If you are an adventure lover and want to enjoy the adventurous activities in Delhi so Read below carefully. As we are Indian Festivals we have all the information related to Adventure activities. Don’t take us Wrong with the word Adventure For Adventure we meant the sports activities and Swing in Delhi. So let’s check out the list below and I really wish you to enjoy it a lot with your family or friends. This is my personal experience of Delhi I am sharing with you all. Kindly visit the official website for any issue.

Best place to visit in Delhi on new year’s –Adventure Island 

I personally have visited Adventure Island 5 times in the last 3 years. Just imagine 5 times in the last 3 years means 1 or 2 times average in a year. But in this place, there are so many fun activities you can try. It is located in Rohini in Red Line Metro Station.

Adventure Island Features:

  1. Rain Dance
  2. Swimming Pool
  3. Swings( 360, 180, Z force, SideWinde, Climbing wall, splashdown, and many more)
  4. They have special are for Kids and family.
  5. This amusement park is very pocket friendly.
  6. Price Range ( 350 to 700) for adults.

Paint Ball (Subash Nagar)

Paintball is the most famous activity in the world which everyone likes to place. We have paintball in west Delhi Pacific Mall, Subhash Nager. Paintball is a Gun game in which we will get a dress and a gun loaded with paint. It is an adventure like an Army lover. If you are also an Army lover and love to play shooting games never ever miss a chance to place this at least one time with your friends. it will freshen you up. You can also visit here with your family.

  1. Range 250 per Head
  2. They will provide dress
  3. Group Game ( Best for PUBG Lovers)

Restaurants for Foodies

Delhi is very famous for Restaurants also. Delhi has so much a big variety of Restaurants with unique themes. Here we will talk about a few of the theme restaurants which everybody would like to visit and experience the same I feel. So without wasting any time lets check the below list and theme details.

Imly (Rajender place) (best places to visit in delhi on new year’s)

Imly has many restaurants in many places but Imly in Rajender place has a very special theme of Luxury Train like an old ’70s. This is a Veg Restaurant so Really sorry to those who love Non-Veg. But If you also love veg must try Imly delicious veg Food and one of my favt. Cheeze Parantha.

Jungle Jamboree (Rajouri Garden)

The Jungle jamboree North Indian Restaurant with the fabulous Jungle theme. Its interior is omg! you can control your hands to click many pictures with different types of background in this theme. There food and Mocktails are too good in taste and it is also a budget-friendly Restaurant.

Filmy Cafe and Bar (CP)

Cannought Place is a costly place and one of the best places in Delhi. So once the person decided to open a Filmy Cafe and Bar on Bollywood theme which is very famous in the area. Everyone Loves Bollywood Movies if you haven’t visited yet where are you guys. It is the most enjoyable place with delicious food I have ever had. I really suggest this place personally guys.

All the details we have shared in the best places to visit in delhi on new year’s with you are as per our personal experience or research. Menu price might be changed in future or maybe they will change their name, theme or another thing I would request you to kindly visit the official site or you can use the third-party apps (Zomato or Dineout) for recent photos and details of that particular restaurants

I hope you have got the best place from our suggestions in the Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi but if you have any kind of doubt kindly write us in the comments we will surely help you to find the best thing as per our experience.

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List Of Indian Festivals With Date

List of Indian Festivals

India is a country which is also called the Hub of festivals. India is also known as for county of multiple cultures, different languages, and 4 different Religions. Every state has a different way of celebrating festivals. Every Religion has its own different reason to celebrate festivals. The reason is actually based on their religious history. But in the end, every festival helps us to bring our tradition more closer in this technology world.

List of Indian Festivals – In Details

# New Year

New Year is the day after which the current year will end and the new year will start and everything will be new. There are many new years in different religions but the 1st of January is worldwide common. You can also call it New Journey of next year. Happy New Year 2021

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is the traditional Sun (Surya) Festival of our country. This is also 1st Indian festival after the new year. we celebrated when the sun passes from one sign of the zodiac to another sign. It celebrated on 15 Jan every year.

# Pongal

List of Indian Festivals

As Makar Sankranti, Pongal is also part of Solar Festivals. Pongal is 4 days log festival and basically celebrated in Tamil Nadu (South India). People of India (Mostly Farmers ) celebrated these festivals to thank Surya (Sun God) and Lord Indra ( King of Heavens & God of Thunder, rain, lightning, etc.)

# Holi

List of Indian Festivals

Holi is the greatest and one of the biggest Indian festivals. Holi is also known as the “Festival of colors” and “Festival of love”. It also shows the victory of good over evil. There are many types of Holi. Holika Dahan also knows as Choti Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, lath mar Holi.

# Maha Shivratri – Best in the List of Indian Festivals

Maha Shivratri is the biggest festival for all Hindus. On this day the grand marriage was organized of Mahadev ( Lord Shiva) and Goddess Parvati ( Mata Parvati is also known as Maha Kaali and shakti). It is the greatest day for all shiv Bhakt and MahaKaali Bhakt. People will go to Shiv temple and offer milk, Bhang, bail Patra, etc.

# Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami (also known as Vasant Panchami for many people of India). This festival is celebrated for the arrival of the spring season. On this day people do worship of goddess Saraswati ( Maa Sarawati – wife of God Bhrama). Some people also celebrated this day as Saraswati Poojan.

# Eid Al Fitr

India is a county of many different religions. Eid Al Fitr is the festival of the Muslim Religion. It is also known as the breaking fast festival. It is a very famous festival of Muslims also celebrated all over the world by Muslims. It comes under 10 months of the lunar calendar after Ramadan.

# Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan is also known as rakhi. Rakhi is the festival of Bro and Sis. “Raksha” means protection and “Bandhan” means a tie. You can also call it Protection Tie in normal English translation.

List of Indian Festivals

# Navratri – Longest in List of Indian Festivals

Navratri is the longest festival in India. It is 9 days long Fasting festival. Hindu’s do fasting and on the 8th ( Ashtami ) or the 9th day ( Navami ). They completed their fast. After that, they worship Mata Durga (other Goddess also ) and give kanjak to young girls (ax age 15).

# Dussehra

Dussehra is the 10th of Navratri after worship of Goddess on the 9th day. People will burn Ravana on the 10th day and celebrate the victory of Lord Rama (Bhagwan Ram) over King of Lanka Ravana ( Ravan).

# Diwali

How can forget the most famous festivals Diwali from the list of Indian festivals. Diwali is the festival of light and diya’s. People celebrate Diwali just after 21 day of Dussehra o celebrate and welcome back Lord Rama ( Bhagwan Ram ) to Ayodhaya with his brother Laxman and wife Mata Seeta after 14 years of vanvas in Nashik. People burn candles and diya to bring more light and celebrate the victory of lights over darkness, good over bad, Bhagwan over Rakshash.

# Christmas – Last in List of Indian Festivals

Christmas is Christin’s festival but it is famous all over the world. It is also declared a public holiday. People celebrate this day in the name of Jesus Christ’s birthday. They Decorate their house with lights and Buy a Christmas Tree. Decorate Christmas Tree with light and Socks. People have stories of Santa Claus also. Most of the children still waiting for a Santa who will give them a gift whatever they want. I hope you will enjoy Christmas 2020 with your loved ones (family and friends).


The sawan festival in India is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
It takes place during the holy month of Shravan (July-August).
Devotees observe fasting, undertake pilgrimages, and offer holy water.
The festival is a time for spiritual reflection and seeking divine blessings.

About – List of Indian Festivals

I hope you have got whatever festival you were looking for. The list of Indian festivals is a bit too long. But we have mentioned only a few and famous festivals which usually celebrated in Indian from a from time. You can find more pages on our website and get more details about your fav festivals. Use our image and quotes to post on Social Media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

As everyone is aware India has many religions and we respect all religions. Still, if you need specific information regarding any religious festivals kindly let us know in the comments. We will try to provide you on-demand blog as per your requirements. You can also Follow our free Email Subscription.

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