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Religious places in Delhi – If you want peace must visit these places in Delhi.

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new post Religious Places in Delhi. If you are also living in Delhi or nearby places like Gurugram (Gurgaon), Noida, Panipat, Haryana and you are planning to visit Delhi to exploring some nice and peaceful Religious Places. Then you are on the right website: Indian Festivals. We will definitely help you to finding the Best Religious Places in Delhi. You might be thinking who am i to tell you the details and why would you listen to me. Let’s start with this information first below.

Hey, My Self your Admin, and i use to live in delhi for the last 25 years. I love exploring places and i have visited almost every temple or Religious Place in delhi. As everyone knows delhi is the Heart of Indian and Capital also. If you are planning to explore delhi in a religious way i’ll surely help you with that with my own experience. Basically, i am from Hindu Punjabi family but i have explored all types of a religious place.

Top Hindu Religious Places in Delhi

Lets start with the Hindu’s Religious Places in Delhi. As there are so many Mandirs in delhi but few are so famous and few have some true fact and stories.

According to the History and Faith that Aadi sakti is the first Goddess who has created everything who has created all the gods and gives the responsibilities. First, they have created Tridev ( Bharama, Vishnu, And Mahesh {God Shiva}). God Bhrama creator of the Universe and the people in it. The God Vishnu maintain and protect the whole universe and their people. Mahadev – 7God Shiva ( Bhole Nath ) have the role to destroy everything in order to re-create it again.

  • Jhandewalan Temple: First we will start with the Jhandewala temple or Jhandewalan mandir. It is a Temple of Hindu Goddes ( Mata Durga ). It is very famous and one of the oldest Mata Durga Mandir in Delhi. You can find this mandir near Karol Bagh at DB Gupta Road and there is a direct metro also. I am very much attached with the temple as my school was 200 meters away from this temple. I used to go this daily that time and you won’t believe there is peace and you feel very negative after visiting here. Below I am attaching a beautiful picture also of Jhandewalan Mandir.
  • Hanuman Mandir: Just Near Buy the Jhanadewala Metro Station and it is the tallest God Hanuman sculpture in delhi. You wont believe this God Hanuman sculpture is 108 Ft tall and have many small mandirs inside.
Hanuman Mandir delhi
  • Kalaka Ji Mandir: Kalka ji temple is located at Kalka ji, you can also find kalka ji metro station also and it is just behind the temple. Many devotees has recognition or they truly believe that sculpture was self-manifested a long time back in Satya Yug. In this mandir, you will find a long queue of devotees for darshan of Mahakaali. Mahakaali is the destroctor of evil powers and protector of every person on the earth.

Top Sikh Religious Places in Delhi

In Sikhism, there is gurudwara which means Guru ki Jagah in Hindi, and the place of godfather or master. Sikhism was started in 1469 by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak Dev teaching people Hindus and Muslims that there is only one god and help them with Mughal Tortures. As per the History Books Guru Nanak took birth in hindu punjabi family but he did not believe in any kind of religious culture. He was very kind to help, everyone, without asking about their religion. I really believe that if guru Nanak dev had not been there India would have been a Mughal slave yet. He was the first guru of Sikhs.

  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib: Shri Bangla Sahib gurudwara is one of the most famous gurudwara in delhi. Bangla sahib situated in the center of delhi which is Connaught place near Palika bazaar. If you really wish to go there i bet you will get an addiction to the silence and peace which you will get there and you will feel like going again and again. I used to go there once every month at least for 1 to 2 hours. Bangla sahib Gurudwara is also famous for its daily langar and very tasty suji ka halwa. You can also find big sarovar in bangla sahib.
  • Gurudwara Shri Sis Ganj Sahib: Sis ganj sahib gurudwara is the one of the oldest and famous gurudwara in india. it was 1st developed in 1783 by Beghel Dhaliwal Singh for Guru Tegh bahadur memories. It is not as big as Bangla sahib but you can find kindness here. I really enjoy the shabad are playing here. Here also you can find halwa parshad and langar. You can find this place in chandni chowk delhi just near red fort.

Top Muslim Religious Places in Delhi

Muslim is a very strict religion and has so many rumors that muslims are not good or else. But i personally believe in every religion some the people are good and some may be bad. I respect everyone either from muslims religion or the other. More than 15% of indians are from muslim religion.

  • Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah: Hazrat Nizamuddin is the dargah of sufi khwaza nizamuddin sarkaar. It is a very famous and crowded place. One of the oldest and famous dargah in delhi. I am hindu but still, I have visited here many times and there is not bad treatment or discrimination with me or my friends. because we are in a place where every person is the same. If you still cant believe me you can try to visit there. This place is also very famous for its qawwali eve or devotional music eve. It was created in 13 century by the learder of that time.
Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

Top Christian Religious Places in Delhi

There are many churches in delhi. Actually, in every second area, you can easily find one church at least. But there are so many churches in special places like Connaught Place, Saket, Punjabi bagh, etc.

Which Religion Places in Delhi I have visited:

I am purely from a Hindu family but i genuinely believe every god is the same all religions are just made by humans, not by gods. May some of you will not agree with this but i am here to share my own thoughts every person has a different kind of thoughts. So if I’ll come to the point i have visited many Religion places in India, Religion Places in Delhi, Religious Places in Mumbai, Religious Places in Punjab, and many more Religion places i have explored. Some of those places are so famous and some are not famous but there are many true stories behind those places. I myself have visited Hindu temples ( Mandir), Muslim Temples (Dargah), Christian Churches, Gurudwara in Sikh Religion, and many more.

I am really thankful for the readers like you. We would like to inform you are a great and best person because maybe you are the best place for any Religious information or any festival information you can read here. I am hoping that you have liked this blog if you want more blogs like this must let us know in the below comments.

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