Religious places in Delhi – If you want peace must visit these places in Delhi.

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new post Religious Places in Delhi. If you are also living in Delhi or nearby places like Gurugram (Gurgaon), Noida, Panipat, Haryana and you are planning to visit Delhi to exploring some nice and peaceful Religious Places. Then you are on the right website: Indian Festivals. We will definitely help you to finding the Best Religious Places in Delhi. You might be thinking who am i to tell you the details and why would you listen to me. Let’s start with this information first below.

Hey, My Self your Admin, and i use to live in delhi for the last 25 years. I love exploring places and i have visited almost every temple or Religious Place in delhi. As everyone knows delhi is the Heart of Indian and Capital also. If you are planning to explore delhi in a religious way i’ll surely help you with that with my own experience. Basically, i am from Hindu Punjabi family but i have explored all types of a religious place.

Top Hindu Religious Places in Delhi

Lets start with the Hindu’s Religious Places in Delhi. As there are so many Mandirs in delhi but few are so famous and few have some true fact and stories.

According to the History and Faith that Aadi sakti is the first Goddess who has created everything who has created all the gods and gives the responsibilities. First, they have created Tridev ( Bharama, Vishnu, And Mahesh {God Shiva}). God Bhrama creator of the Universe and the people in it. The God Vishnu maintain and protect the whole universe and their people. Mahadev – 7God Shiva ( Bhole Nath ) have the role to destroy everything in order to re-create it again.

  • Jhandewalan Temple: First we will start with the Jhandewala temple or Jhandewalan mandir. It is a Temple of Hindu Goddes ( Mata Durga ). It is very famous and one of the oldest Mata Durga Mandir in Delhi. You can find this mandir near Karol Bagh at DB Gupta Road and there is a direct metro also. I am very much attached with the temple as my school was 200 meters away from this temple. I used to go this daily that time and you won’t believe there is peace and you feel very negative after visiting here. Below I am attaching a beautiful picture also of Jhandewalan Mandir.
  • Hanuman Mandir: Just Near Buy the Jhanadewala Metro Station and it is the tallest God Hanuman sculpture in delhi. You wont believe this God Hanuman sculpture is 108 Ft tall and have many small mandirs inside.
  • Kalaka Ji Mandir: Kalka ji temple is located at Kalka ji, you can also find kalka ji metro station also and it is just behind the temple. Many devotees has recognition or they truly believe that sculpture was self-manifested a long time back in Satya Yug. In this mandir, you will find a long queue of devotees for darshan of Mahakaali. Mahakaali is the destroctor of evil powers and protector of every person on the earth.

Top Sikh Religious Places in Delhi

In Sikhism, there is gurudwara which means Guru ki Jagah in Hindi, and the place of godfather or master. Sikhism was started in 1469 by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak Dev teaching people Hindus and Muslims that there is only one god and help them with Mughal Tortures. As per the History Books Guru Nanak took birth in hindu punjabi family but he did not believe in any kind of religious culture. He was very kind to help, everyone, without asking about their religion. I really believe that if guru Nanak dev had not been there India would have been a Mughal slave yet. He was the first guru of Sikhs.

  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib: Shri Bangla Sahib gurudwara is one of the most famous gurudwara in delhi. Bangla sahib situated in the center of delhi which is Connaught place near Palika bazaar. If you really wish to go there i bet you will get an addiction to the silence and peace which you will get there and you will feel like going again and again. I used to go there once every month at least for 1 to 2 hours. Bangla sahib Gurudwara is also famous for its daily langar and very tasty suji ka halwa. You can also find big sarovar in bangla sahib.
  • Gurudwara Shri Sis Ganj Sahib: Sis ganj sahib gurudwara is the one of the oldest and famous gurudwara in india. it was 1st developed in 1783 by Beghel Dhaliwal Singh for Guru Tegh bahadur memories. It is not as big as Bangla sahib but you can find kindness here. I really enjoy the shabad are playing here. Here also you can find halwa parshad and langar. You can find this place in chandni chowk delhi just near red fort.

Top Muslim Religious Places in Delhi

Muslim is a very strict religion and has so many rumors that muslims are not good or else. But i personally believe in every religion some the people are good and some may be bad. I respect everyone either from muslims religion or the other. More than 15% of indians are from muslim religion.

  • Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah: Hazrat Nizamuddin is the dargah of sufi khwaza nizamuddin sarkaar. It is a very famous and crowded place. One of the oldest and famous dargah in delhi. I am hindu but still, I have visited here many times and there is not bad treatment or discrimination with me or my friends. because we are in a place where every person is the same. If you still cant believe me you can try to visit there. This place is also very famous for its qawwali eve or devotional music eve. It was created in 13 century by the learder of that time.

Top Christian Religious Places in Delhi

There are many churches in delhi. Actually, in every second area, you can easily find one church at least. But there are so many churches in special places like Connaught Place, Saket, Punjabi bagh, etc.

Which Religion Places in Delhi I have visited:

I am purely from a Hindu family but i genuinely believe every god is the same all religions are just made by humans, not by gods. May some of you will not agree with this but i am here to share my own thoughts every person has a different kind of thoughts. So if I’ll come to the point i have visited many Religion places in India, Religion Places in Delhi, Religious Places in Mumbai, Religious Places in Punjab, and many more Religion places i have explored. Some of those places are so famous and some are not famous but there are many true stories behind those places. I myself have visited Hindu temples ( Mandir), Muslim Temples (Dargah), Christian Churches, Gurudwara in Sikh Religion, and many more.

I am really thankful for the readers like you. We would like to inform you are a great and best person because maybe you are the best place for any Religious information or any festival information you can read here. I am hoping that you have liked this blog if you want more blogs like this must let us know in the below comments.

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Not “Mahalaya” but 10 religious holidays celebrated by Indians

Indian strict appearances and festivities change, with the variety of groups and religions there, and the vast majority of these festivals show up as celebrations and aesthetic jubilees in which Indians practice their different strict traditions and religious holidays. 

Today, Indians commend the hallowed day of “Mahalaya”, when Hindus appeal to God for the spirits of their precursors during the day, in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, and in Hindu folklore, “Mahalaya” is an indication of the day when the god “Durga” was made, with ten machines to decimate the devil lord Asura, who wanted to remove the divine beings from their realm. 

“Mahalaya” is a public occasion in a few states, and it is praised on October 8 in Karnataka, Odisha, Tripura, West Bengal, where Durga Puja commends the triumph over the abhorrent wild ox devil Mahishasura, while it is praised all over India, in the territory of Bengal. Gharbia, Assam, and Tripura, is the biggest celebration of the year and the main social occasion in the Bengali Hindu people group. 

Notwithstanding this well known strict occasion, there are a few other strict religious holidays celebrations in India, including: 


It is an Indian occasion celebrated by Indians by and large and celebrated by the individuals of Kerala locale specifically, and it is one of the reverential religious holidays celebrations in India, and it is held every year as per the Malawian history in the long stretches of August or September, and the span of this gala is 10 days, during which celebrants eat rice and now and again prune blossoms And finish it in rivalries held explicitly for that in a similar festival. 

Rama Navami

It is a Hindu celebration commending the Feast of Rama and Queen Ayodhya. These festivals are held in India for 9 days. A portion of the functions of this service occur by swimming in the heavenly stream, and it is typically celebrated on April fourteenth. 


It is a strict celebration of Hinduism and Sikhism that is commended in the harvest time season, which means the Festival of Lights, and the celebration goes on for 5 days, and the fourth day is loaded up with firecrackers to praise the New Year, and candles are lit in homes during Diwali. 


It is otherwise called Bisaki, Visaki, or Vasaki, a strict and verifiable celebration for Sikhs and Hindus, and is normally celebrated on the thirteenth or fourteenth of April consistently, and the Vasaki marks the start of the new year for the Sikhs and recognizes the establishing of the gathering of champions (Khalsa Banth) by the strict guide Guru Gobind Sing in 1699, it is likewise a Sikh Spring Harvest Festival. 

Karva Choth

It is a yearly, one-day feast celebrated by wedded Hindu ladies in northern India, the province of Gujarat and parts of Pakistan, and in which wedded ladies quick from dawn until they see the moon around evening time, and they do this in request to the divine force of Syria and the gods of the moon for the wellbeing, wellbeing and life span of their spouses. 

Raksha Bandhan

One of the special seasons that the Indians celebrate to purify the intimate connection between the kin and the Indians celebrate every year during a celebration during which the fraternity security is commended by the sister wrapping a security called Rakhi around her sibling’s wrist, after which he gives her a blessing that is regularly “meethai” desserts and vows to safeguard and ensure them.  

For Loha 

Punjabi society celebration held in the colder time of year season, commended principally by Sikhs and Hindus from the Punjab district in the Indian subcontinent, the significance and fantasies about the Luhari Festival are numerous and the celebration is connected to the Punjab locale, numerous individuals accept that the celebration remembers the colder time of year solstice, it speaks to the furthest limit of the colder time of year season, Which is the customary greeting with longer days and the excursion of the sun toward the northern half of the globe by Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab area. 

Ganesh Chatworthy 

The Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is a Hindu celebration that is held to pay tribute to the goddess Ganesha, and the celebration festivities are normally hung on the fourth day of the initial fourteen days of the period of Bhadrapada in the Hindu schedule, and as a rule falls on August or September in the Gregorian schedule, and the festivals keep going for 10 days, and this is commended. The celebration is out in the open places and homes. The festival in broad daylight places incorporates the erection of dirt sculptures of the goddess Ganesha for aggregate love


A unique Hindu people celebration for the spring celebrated in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and nations with a huge Hindu people group, for example, Suriname, Guiana, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Trinidad, Mauritius and Fiji in Bangladesh and Indian West Bengal. The celebration is called Dolyatra or Basanta Aotsap, and it is the most famous spring celebration and it happens in spots related with the god Krishna: Matura, Vrindavan, Nandagaon and Barsana. These spots pull in vacationers during the period of the Colors Festival, which has been going on here for over 16 days. 

Hula Mohalla

Additionally called Hula, it is a one-day Sikh celebration that happens in March, and it is hung on the second day of the lunar month of Chett after the day of the Hindu Spring Festival Holi, yet at times concurs with Holi, Hola Mohalla is the biggest stately occasion for Sikhs around the globe.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog of Not “Mahalaya” but 10 religious holidays celebrated by Indians.

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10 Indian Festivals You really Should Know About:

10 indian Festivals

Hinduism is one of the most different religions on the planet and is related with a huge number of legends and gods. This confidence in more than one god carries with it plenty of celebrations. Here, Culture Trip investigates 10 Indian Festivals

10 Indian Festivals Below:


The celebration of lights – Diwali or Deepavali – is the most famous celebration on the Indian subcontinent. The hidden quintessence of Diwali spins around light overriding obscurity, or the victory of goodness over malevolence. Gleaming diyas (lights) enhance everywhere of each habitation at night, and there are likewise firecrackers and a heavenly conventional dinner. 


Holi is a celebration of shading and a harbinger of spring in India. The beginning of Holi is set apart by the consumption of a representation of Holika – an insidious element from Hindu folklore – to connote the victory of good over wickedness. The evening of celebration around the blaze goes on until the coals kick the bucket. The next morning commences with individuals spreading shaded powder on one another, more bash and sometimes the utilization of bhang, an inebriating consumable cannabis readiness. 


Onam is the official state celebration of Kerala, and is praised with the most extreme intensity and merriments that incorporate customary games like boat races and back-and-forth. The legend behind the festival of Onam concerns the homecoming of a mythical being called Mahabali, and is like the legend of Holika and the Holi celebration. In the two cases, the victory of expectation over misery is praised, in spite of the fact that Mahabali is respected with the most extreme regard and Holika isn’t. Onam is developing past strict wildernesses and setting up itself as a strictly assorted celebration in Kerala. 

Krishna Janmashtami 

Master Krishna has an unmistakable spot in Hindu old stories. Krishna Janmashtami is the happy celebration commending the introduction of Krishna, with a ton of happiness, moving and singing. The jollity of Krishna Janmashtami is regularly joined by rivalries, prominently breaking a pot loaded up with yogurt that is suspended highly noticeable all around. Contenders structure human pyramids trying to break the pot and spill the substance, which is then officially offered as prasada (custom contribution). 

MahaDev Shivaratri 

Shiva is the chief god in the Hindu pantheon and viewed as the destroyer. Maha Shivaratri, or ‘the extraordinary evening of Shiva’, honors the incomparability of Shiva. Individuals cease from resting and rather implore the extraordinary ruler. Most devoted followers of Lord Shiva observe Maha Shivaratri by fasting and reciting the songs to Tandava, a dance performed by Lord Shiva.

Makar Sankranti 

In the Hindu schedule, the sun enters the Makara (Capricorn) part of the zodiac on 14 January consistently. Surya (the sun god) is likewise adored all over the nation with unmatched commitment on this day. Despite the fact that this day is prevalently known as Makar Sankranti, the classification differs from state to state, as do the comparing customs. Tamils call it Pongal, Assamese praise it as Bihu and most North Indians call it Lohri. Notwithstanding the monikers, Makar Sankranti is a celebration made special by its festivals, going from kite-traveling to campfires and riverbank customs. 

Ganesh Chaturthi 

Ganesh Chaturthi’s status as one of the most well known celebrations in the nation is somewhat because of its capriciousness, something the celebration imparts to its comparing god, Lord Ganesh. Ganesh is the child of Lord Shiva, the destroyer. However Ganesh is at chances with his dad in his feelings and appearance. His face looks like that of an elephant, while his clever and energetic disposition rouses dedication from individuals of all age gatherings. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the introduction of Ganesh with the conventional contribution of supplications to a mud symbol of the divinity. The icon is later submerged in a waterway in the midst of additional merriments.

Navratri – Dussehra – Durga Puja 

Similar to the common topic in Hindu folklore of the triumph of good over malevolence, the legend behind the Navratri celebration has to do with Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana, a satanic element. An elective legend spins around the triumphs of the goddess Durga against the malicious powers that once strolled the essence of the Earth. Navratri, which means nine evenings, is an opportunity to respect the gods and argue for their endowments and generosity. 

The stimulating celebration revolves around the goddess Durga in East India, and passes by the name of Durga Puja. The world-celebrated Dussehra of Mysore additionally falls on the last day of Navratri, and the celebration in general basically fills in as the antecedent to the coming Diwali.

Rama Navami :

The epic sonnet of the Ramayana has tremendous strict noteworthiness in Hinduism. Its hero, Lord Rama, with his heavenly ability and kindheartedness, kills shameless creatures, vanquishes the domain and sets up request. The day denoting the introduction of Lord Rama is praised as Rama Navami, and the observances incorporate cause, presentations and petitions. 


Adjusting to the Hindu schedule, Ugadi is New Year’s Day for Hindus. The celebration of Ugadi is praised overwhelmingly in the South Indian conditions of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Premises are enriched with mango leaves, blossoms and different embellishments; flower designs are drawn on the floor, and appetizing tidbits are set up in an offer to invite the new year on a high note. Moreover, the utilization of bevu bella – a mix of neem (bevu) and jaggery (bella) – is required. Neem is unpleasant in taste and jaggery is sweet; together, they mean the acknowledgment of life’s sharpness and joy in equivalent parts.

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I hope you have enjoyed our Blog on Top 10 Indian Festivals You really Should Know About and Agree with all the information i have shared. Still if you have any kind of doubt kindly let us know in the comments or use the contact us page for contacting us. You can also give suggestion Through Mail which you will find in Contact Us Page.

Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi

Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi

Hi, Delhi people’s welcome to your own Blog – the Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi. I hope you will enjoy the below information and our selected list of best places for you.

As New Year is a very unique and enjoyable Festivals in India and in other countries also. But Delhi has many options to visit and most of the people from you guys are party lover most of are food lover so I have mixed the things up and give you the best option in Delhi.

Delhi is the center capital of India. Day and Night party Life of Delhi is much interesting. Delhi has many lounges & cafes, Restro’s, Malls, Showroom, and many Adventure places, etc.

New Year Celebration’s in Malls

As we can find many malls and shopping area’s in Delhi. There are thousands of Malls in Delhi. But some are to Famous and Big and some have only basic facilities. Some of the Malls celebrates very grandly New Year party and Other Festivals also Like Diwali, Christmas Ect.

  1. Pacific Mall ( Tagore Garden)
  2. DLF Mall ( Vasant Kunj, Saket, and Shalimar Bagh)
  3. Ambiance Mall ( Rohini and Vasant Kunj
  4. Select City Mall ( Saket)
  5. V3S (Nirman Vihar)
  6. Cross River Mall
  7. Metro Walk (Rohini)
  8. City Square & TDI Mall ( Rajouri Garden)

Cafe & Lounges – Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi

If you want to Celebrate New Year in Delhi city then cafes and lounges are one of the best options. Because it gives you everything at one place only you will be able to enjoy Food, Drink’s, Music and Dance. Because Most of the nice Lounge’s and Cafe’s provides all these facilities. Let’s Check out the Few best Places you can find Nice Café and Lounges with Great and decent crowd.

Punjabi Bagh (Club Road)

Punjabi Bagh is a very Good area. Here you can find many lounges and Café on a Single Road (Club Road). More than 50 lounges are there on this road but few are too good and Unique. Let’s see the best option you will get in Punjabi Bagh ( AIR, Raftaar, Andhadund, radioactive, TEO, My Bar, Masaba, and many more.)

Hudson Lane ( North Campus)

Hudson lane is located just near North Campus DU Colleges. As it is very near to Delhi university. So most of the College student visits the Hudson lane for any type of occasion. Most of the cafes in Hudson Lane is so pocket friendly and have a very taste and unique food’s. Few are most famous in Hudson Lane ( HouseFull Cafe, Lazy Bar, By the Bay, Woodbox, 726 AD cafe and many more options are available. I suggest you use the Dineout App for the best information and get extra Discounted offers.

Satya Niketan ( South Delhi)

Satya Niketan is just like Hudson lane it is also located near many colleges but in the South Campus area. This place has the Cheapest menus in all of Delhi. All the cafes and lounges are so cheap in price and Unique Interior in every lounge and cafe. You may get confused there that which one you will choose because all are very cheap and unique. Here I can help you to Choose with my Personal Experience. Whenever I visited Satya Niketan for any kind of party I usually preferred The Bowton House cafe, Off-Campus, Kabila Cafe, Pipeline Cafe, Rustic Cafe, and Xero Degree. These are really unique and have great taste in food. But you can also try many other cafes there.

Rajouri garden

Rajouri Garden is one of the best places to find many restro and lounges in west Delhi. Here you can find Big Lounges that have special themes Restro’s. Like, Boom Box cafe, Jazbaa lounge, and bar, Qubitos, Duty Freem Suroor Reloaded, Electro, etc.

East Delhi

East Delhi is not that famous for lounges and cafes. They don’t have a variety of lounges in Easy Delhi. But if you are from easy Delhi don’t worry we also have the collection of the lounge from easy days those are few but special. Let’s check those out below.

# The Salt Cafe Kitchen (Preet Vihar)
#G2 Cafe (Anand Vihar)
# GooseBumps (karkadooma)
#Cafe 360 in Preet Vihar
#Handa Punjabi Cafe (Laxmi Nagar)

Celebrate New Year In CP (Connaught Place)

CP (Connaught Place) Centre area of Delhi. Which has Lakhs of footfall on normal days. So you can easily imagine how it can be on every new year’s eve. But as 2020-2021 is corona Year. Delhi still suffering from corona so maybe this year there will not be so many people visits and make the crowd more uncomeatable. Else CP has many events on this day and most of the events have celebrity Chef Guests like Raftaar, Honey Singh, Tv Actoress, and TikTok Stars.

Adventure Place for Adventure lovers – The best place to celebrate New year in Delhi

If you are an adventure lover and want to enjoy the adventurous activities in Delhi so Read below carefully. As we are Indian Festivals we have all the information related to Adventure activities. Don’t take us Wrong with the word Adventure For Adventure we meant the sports activities and Swing in Delhi. So let’s check out the list below and I really wish you to enjoy it a lot with your family or friends. This is my personal experience of Delhi I am sharing with you all. Kindly visit the official website for any issue.

Adventure Island -Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi

I personally have visited Adventure Island 5 times in the last 3 years. Just imagine 5 times in the last 3 years means 1 or 2 times average in a year. But in this place, there are so many fun activities you can try. It is located in Rohini in Red Line Metro Station.

Adventure Island Features:

  1. Rain Dance
  2. Swimming Pool
  3. Swings( 360, 180, Z force, SideWinde, Climbing wall, splashdown, and many more)
  4. They have special are for Kids and family.
  5. This amusement park is very pocket friendly.
  6. Price Range ( 350 to 700) for adults.

Paint Ball (Subash Nagar)

Paintball is the most famous activity in the world which everyone likes to place. We have paintball in west Delhi Pacific Mall, Subhash Nager. Paintball is a Gun game in which we will get a dress and a gun loaded with paint. It is an adventure like an Army lover. If you are also an Army lover and love to play shooting games never ever miss a chance to place this at least one time with your friends. it will freshen you up. You can also visit here with your family.

  1. Range 250 per Head
  2. They will provide dress
  3. Group Game ( Best for PUBG Lovers)

Restaurants for Foodies

Delhi is very famous for Restaurants also. Delhi has so much a big variety of Restaurants with unique themes. Here we will talk about a few of the theme restaurants which everybody would like to visit and experience the same I feel. So without wasting any time lets check the below list and theme details.

Imly (Rajender place) (Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi)

Imly has many restaurants in many places but Imly in Rajender place has a very special theme of Luxury Train like an old ’70s. This is a Veg Restaurant so Really sorry to those who love Non-Veg. But If you also love veg must try Imly delicious veg Food and one of my favt. Cheeze Parantha.

Jungle Jamboree (Rajouri Garden)

The Jungle jamboree North Indian Restaurant with the fabulous Jungle theme. Its interior is omg! you can control your hands to click many pictures with different types of background in this theme. There food and Mocktails are too good in taste and it is also a budget-friendly Restaurant.

Filmy Cafe and Bar (CP)

Cannought Place is a costly place and one of the best places in Delhi. So once the person decided to open a Filmy Cafe and Bar on Bollywood theme which is very famous in the area. Everyone Loves Bollywood Movies if you haven’t visited yet where are you guys. It is the most enjoyable place with delicious food I have ever had. I really suggest this place personally guys.

All the details we have shared in the Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi with you are as per our personal experience or research. Menu price might be changed in future or maybe they will change their name, theme or another thing I would request you to kindly visit the official site or you can use the third-party apps (Zamato or Dineout) for recent photos and details of that particular restaurants

I hope you have got the best place from our suggestions in the Best place to celebrate New year in Delhi but if you have any kind of doubt kindly write us in the comments we will surely help you to find the best thing as per our experience.

Thanks For Reading

What is christmas

Christmas is a Christian festival. It is celebrating the birth of Jesus. Christians Truly believes Jesus is the Son of God.

The name “Christmas” comes from the Mass on Christ(Jesus). A Mass (which is sometimes called communion) where Christians usually visit and remember Jesus Died For us.

The ‘Christ-Mass’ was the only one which was allowed to take place after sunset (and sunrise before next day), so people had it at Midnight only! So we get the name ‘Christ-Mass’, In Short Christmas.

However, 2 out of 10 peoples are celebrated Christmas around the world, whether they are Christians or Non-Christians from any other religion(Hindu’s, Muslim’s, Sikh’s, Punjabi’s, etc). Its a time of togetherness with family and friends so that they’ll enjoy, share and remember the good things they have. Especially children, Likes Christmas as it’s a time when children are waiting for gifts(presents) from Santa. The Traditional date of the Christmas is December 25

Why do People celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December?

So, why we really celebrate Christmas on December 25th. There are many Truths you guys really want to know.

          Actually, No one knows the Genuine Date of Birth(DOB) of Jesus! Nor the date is given in the Bible. So, why do we celebrate Christmas on 25th december.? Why only 25th December was chosen? Early Christians had numerous arguments as to when it should be celebrated. December 25th was the first recognized as the date of Jesus Birth in 221 than become the universal accepted date of birth of Jesus.

   First-time Christmas was celebrated on 25th December in 336 in Rome, during the time of the Roman Emperor. He was the first Christian Roman but it was not an official Roman Festival at this time.

The Christian’s other story also said that the day when Mary was told that she would have a very special baby, Jesus (called the Annunciation) was on March 25th – & it is still celebrated today on the 25th March. Exactly after the 25th of March is the 25th of December! The date March 25th was chosen because some people had calculated that was the day on which Jesus died. Some peoples also think that because of winter Solstice the date 25 December was chosen. The ancient pagan Roman mid-winter festival called Saturnalia – so it was time when people literally celebrated things. Jesus was the jew, this is one more major reason that helped the church for choosing 25 December as a Christmas.

Christmas also had been celebrated by the early church on the 6th of January, when they used to celebrate Epiphany(the Feast of The 3 Kings) which indicates revelation that Jesus was the son of God. After that people wanted a separate day to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

According to Julian Calendar

Many Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas day on the 7th of January to remember the BIrth of God’s Son Jesus. In some parts of the UK(United Kingdom) The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the birth of the feast and Birth of Jesus Christ on the 6th of January. Until the 5th century, all the churches celebrated Jesus BIrth on January 6. Later on, some churches began to celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December.

According to Roman Calendar

You might be waiting for this answer because the Romans are very much different from other peoples. Actually, Celebration of Christmas in the very large area of England by introducing Christianity in the 6th century. According to the Rome Calendar in western countries, Christmas celebrates on the 25th of December. Then Britain peoples and western European peoples took the 25th of December as a Christmas all over the world. Now Everyone Celebrates Christmas on 25th December.

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus’s real name is Saint Nicholas also known as Father of Christmas, you can also find some more names of Santa Claus like Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or only Santa. Saint Nicholas was a Godly man who was known for his charity. According to the best research, St. Nicholas was born around AD 280 in Patara, Asia. He was born in the 3rd century to wealthy Christian parents in Patara. Nicholas’s parents had long prayers for a child. They were Devoted Believers. Then he finally born and they devoted him to God. As he was the only child he got raised with special affection and attention. Nowadays He is very famous in children’s they are literally waiting for Santa Claus and the present which they wished for.

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Short Essay on Diwali | Paragraph on Diwali

Essay on Diwali

Diwali is the most famous, enjoyable, and cool festival in India. Every time in school or in Tuitions teacher usually asks students to write a short essay on Diwali or write an essay on Diwali of 500 words. That really great fun to write an essay about what we like the most and so we can share the best experience with you. Diwali is every year’s favorite festival not only for Childers and even for adults also. Everyone easily can write an essay on Diwali but Sometimes we are but confused when we have to write a long essay lo 500 words or above on Diwali.

If you are looking for a short essay or essay on Diwali in English. If you are looking for a short paragraph on Diwali? so you are at the right place. we can provide the best short essay on the Diwali festival and the best 500 words paragraph on Diwali.

5 Lines Essay on Diwali |Diwali Essay in English

Below 5 lines essay is for small children’s of Class KG to Class 2nd

Diwali paragraph

Diwali is the most famous & Unique festival in India.
It is the festival of lights.
This festival usually comes in Oct or Nov month.
On Diwali Indian’s decorates their home with Diya and Candles
Diwali defines the victory of Good over bad.

10 Lines Essay on Diwali

Below 10 lines essay is for small children’s of Class 3rd to Class 5th

10 lines Essay on Diwali

– Diwali is one of the most famous and largest festivals of India.
– Diwali is also known by other names like Deepawali, Festival of lights, and Deewali.
– It is the most famous festival in many religions like Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians also.
– People burn firecracker on this day.
-On Diwali people usually cook different types of food and sweets.
-Diwali is celebrated for returning of Bhagwan Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvas
-Diwali is the festival of happiness and light.
-At this festival, we plan to get together with our family and relatives to a small house party.
– People decorate their houses with Diya, Candle and with many different types of lights
On this day Indian’s do worship of Mata Laxmi (Goddess Lakshmi).

Short Essay on Essay on Diwali | 15 Lines

Below 15 lines essay is for children’s of Class 6th to Class 8th

Diwali is the most lighting and special festival in India.
On this day Lord Ram( Bhagwan Ram ) returned back to Ayodhya with his wife Mata Seeta and brother Laxman. On this Diwali festival Delhi govt. ban firecrackers in Delhi to reduce air pollution. Most of the People in India paint their houses before Diwali. At this festival, people do worship Lashami (Goddess) & Ganesh (God).
On this day every house is decorated with candles and Diya. People share sweets with their relatives.
On DiwaliIndian’s feel very lucky day for buying new things like Car, Home, Clothes, bike, and scooter.
Diwali is a 5 days big Festival.
Most people celebrate Choti Diwali also which is celebrated 1 day before Diwali

Essay on Diwali

Diwali Essay

India is the land of fairs and festivals. Diwali is the Grandest and Favorite festival of Hindus. The word ‘Diwali’ is a Synonym of the Sanskrit word Deepavali, Which means a row of Diya’s or lights. In fact, it’s a “festival of Lamps” and a “Display of Crackers”. The Hindus have the largest no. of the festival list, But it is the most pleasant and pleasure-giving festival of them all.

It is held in the last days of October month or at the beginning of November. The approach of the festivals is boldly looked forward to by every class & every caste of people. The famished laborer’s, the over time-worked teachers, the care-worn clerks, joyfully children, private companies employees or Govt. Company employees, everyone Eagerly long for the holidays.

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Shops and Bazaars are tastefully decorated and illuminated. In big cities like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Gujrat some shops and companies put-up a grand show just for the sake of advertisements. Our online shops like Amazon, Flipkart, Shop Clues, etc. are also decorated with special discounted offers. All houses and streets are thoroughly cleaned and decorated. From the evening only the houses are lit up with millions of Diyas and millions of earthen lamps. candles and electric lights and bulbs. That night looks as bright as a day. Even happy people move in the crowds, admiring the illuminations.

Every religion People put on their best and new clothes. They make new purchases in bazaars. The articles chiefly in demand on Diwali are toys, dolls, sweetmeats, utensils, and crackers. Of late the desire for crackers and other fireworks has increased.

The streets of town and villages are too loud with their explosion. It creates a beautiful view of the sky at night. But it also a big reason for pollution. On this day Mata Lakshmi (Laxmi) the goddess of wealth is worshipped and Lord Ganesh. Because Lord Ganesh is the worshipped first in any Pooja as he is the God who removes Obstacles and worshipped first. In different parts of India, it is celebrated in different ways. In Punjab, it is celebrated as a day. But in Rajasthan, U.P, Bihar and these types of cities, it lasts for four days. It is also a universally celebrated festival by Hindus, Sikhs, and in some other religions also. People share the status on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Why people celebrates Deepavali?

Ans: Diwali which is called light festivals is celebrated in the victory of lights over dark. And in some part of Indian it is also celebrated to welcome Lord Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of vanvas with his wife and brother after defeating the evil Rawana

When Diwali celebrated?

Ans: As Diwali is not according to the normal British calendar which we normally use at our house or on our Mobile phones. Instead, Diwali is celebrated as per the Hindu lunar calendar in Kartik month on Purnima Day.

Do Muslims Celebrate Diwali?

Ans. Diwali is a Hindu festival. However, It will be shocking for everyone that some Mughals celebrate Diwali as it’s a festival of joy and it is also the coolest festival in India. Even the Muhammad Big Tuglaq ( who ruled Delhi till 1351 also celebrated Diwali and other Hindu festivals).

How many festivals are connected to Diwali?

Ans: Accordingly in our history Diwali is a 5 days long festival according to Hindu Lunar Calendar. which is started with Dhanteras and ends Bhai Dooj.

From where we can Buy Diwali new Clothes?

Ans: Usually it is really Good and a common question asked by many people. In General, everyone has a good market for shopping need to buy there home but after the Covid 19 situation. I will not suggest anyone go out shopping. In that case, you can choose the best online market sale platform Amazon. Amazon is also launching Amazon sales or Big Billion Sale from time to time worldwide.

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Guru Nanak Jayanti 2020 – Guru Nanak Jayanti wishes

Guru Nanak Jayanti is the biggest festival of Sikh culture or religions. Gurunanak Jayanti which has many other names Gurupurab, Guru Parv, Guru Nanak dev Ji Jayanti, Guru Utsav, Guru Nanak’s Prakash Utsav, and Prakash Utsav. This day is celebrated as the birthday of the 1st Sikh Guru. Their Birthday is formally known as Guru Purab Jayanti. Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first Sikh guru and he started Sikhism in 1469. Guru Nanak Dev Ji started Sikhism with his 9 heirs Sikhs who purely believe in Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Sikhism.

Date Guru Nanak Jayanti 2020 :30 November 2020

Guru Nanak Jayanti Wishes

Guru Nanak Jayanti

I hope and pray that the lights of GuruPurab illuminate
the new chapter of your life.

May this year’s festival of Guru Ji bring you prosperity, love, and happiness.

  • May you will find happiness in your own way of life.
  • Wish you a very Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!

Wishes in Hindi – Guru Nanak Jayanti

  • आप सबी को Guru Parv की बहोत साड़ी बड़ई|
  • Guru Nanak Dev ji आब सबको शुभ अवसर पर खुशियां दे|

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2020 This is we will be celebrating 551th birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Its been a long time 551 year ego. A person born and create a great history for our Indian Culture and religion. He has made so much changes.

As everyone knows earlier everywhere in India there was a rule of Mughals. who used to torture the people of India. But every Muslim was the same at that time also. As in every religion, some people are good some are bad. But just because of some Bad Mughal Rulers. Indian People mostly Hindu’s were upsets. Because Afghanis were behind Mughal’s.

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There were many battles Sikhs have fought with the Mughal to help the people of India.

Battle of Sikh’s with Mughal Empire

  • Battle of Rohilla
    (Rohilla battle was held in 1621 in between Abdul khan Vs Guru Hargobind Singh with Rao Madan Rathore)
  • The Battle of Kartar Pur
    (The battle of Kartar Pur was Held in 1635 between Painde Khan Vs Guru Tegh Bahadur with his father Guru Har Gobind Singh and brother Baba Guru Dita. He has made a victory in that war.)
  • Battle of Amritsar (Ambarsar)
    (Amritsar also has the name Ramadaspus and Ambarsar battle was fought in 1964 )
  • Year 1634 Battle of Lahira
  • Battle of Bhangani
    (Bhangani battle in 1688)
  • Nadaun Battle (1691)
  • Battle of Guler
    (Guler battle was fought in 1696)
  • Battle of Basoli (1702)
  • Battle of Anandpur sahib (1700)
  • Nirmohgarh Battle (1702)
  • First Battle of Chamkaur sahib ( Yr 1702)
  • The first battle of Anandpur (Yr 1704)
  • The second battle of Anand Pur Sahib (Year 1704)
  • The Battle of Sarsa (Year 1704 )
  • The Second Battle of Chamkaur (The Year 1704)
  • Battle of Muktsar
    (Muktsar battle was fought in 1705)
  • Sonepat Battle
    (Sonipat battle was done in 1709)
  • Ambala War
  • The Kapuri Battle
    (Kapuri was 1709)
  • Samana war 1709
  • The year 1710 Chappar Chiri war
  • Sadhaura Battle (Victory of Muslims or Mughals in 1710)
  • War of Rahon
    (it was held in 1710)
  • Lohgarh War ( Year 1710)
  • The War of Jalalabad
    (In the year 1710)
  • Battle Jammu
    (In the year 1712)
  • War of Gurdaspur Punjab
    (in the year 1715)
  • AmbarSar Battle ( 1757)
  • Lahore, Punjab Battle
    (In the year 1759 Now Lahore is Pakistan but earlier it was in Punjab )
  • War of Sialkot
  • Gurjanwala ki Jang (In 1761)
  • The Lahore war – Occupation of Sikhs
  • Harnaulgagh ki war (1762)
  • Amritsar Jang (In 1762)
  • Sir Hind battle (1764)
  • Delhi & Red Fort par Kabja (1783)
  • Gujrat Battle in 1797
  • Kasur Jang
  • Gurkha The Sikh War
  • Attock Jang
  • Multan Jang
  • Shopian Battle
  • Balakot Jang
  • Peshawar Battle ( 1834 )
  • Jamrud Jang ( 1837 )
  • Jang of Sino Sikhs (1841 to 1842 )
  • Jang of Mudki ( 1845 )
  • Ferozeshah Jang ( 1845 )
  • Baddowal War in ( 1846 )
  • Aliwal Jang in ( 1846 )
  • Sabraon ki Jang in ( 1846 )
  • Chillianwala War ( 1849 )
  • Ramnagar ki Jang ( 1848 )
  • Siege war of Multan ( 1848 to 1849 )
  • Gujrat ki Jang ( 1849 )

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List of Indian Festivals

India is a country which is also called Hub of festivals. India is also known as for county of multiple cultures, different languages, and 4 different Religions. Every state has a different way of celebrating festivals. Every Religion has its own different reason to celebrate festivals. The reason is actually based on their religious history. But in the end, every festival helps us to bring our tradition more closer in this technology world.

[table id=1 /]

List of Indian Festivals – In Details

# New Year

List of Indian Festivals

New Year is the day after which the current year will end and the new year will start and everything will be new. There are many new years in different religions but the 1st of January is worldwide common. You can also call it New Journey of next year. Happy New Year 2021

# Makar Sankranti

List of Indian Festivals

Makar Sankranti is the traditional Sun (Surya) Festival of our country. This is also 1st Indian festival after the new year. we celebrated when the sun passes from one sign of the zodiac to another sign. It celebrated on 15 Jan every year.

# Pongal

List of Indian Festivals

As Makar Sankranti, Pongal is also part of Solar Festivals. Pongal is 4 days log festival and basically celebrated in Tamil Nadu (South India). People of India (Mostly Farmers ) celebrated these festivals to thank Surya (Sun God) and Lord Indra ( King of Heavens & God of Thunder, rain, lightning, etc.)

# Holi

List of Indian Festivals

Holi is the greatest and one of the biggest Indian festivals. Holi is also known as the “Festival of colors” and “Festival of love”. It also shows the victory of good over evil. There are many types of Holi. Holika Dahan also knows as Choti Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, lath mar Holi.

# Maha Shivratri – Best in the List of Indian Festivals

Maha Shivratri is the biggest festival for all Hindus. On this day the grand marriage was organized of Mahadev ( Lord Shiva) and Goddess Parvati ( Mata Parvati is also known as Maha Kaali and shakti). It is the greatest day for all shiv Bhakt and MahaKaali Bhakt. People will go to Shiv temple and offer milk, Bhang, bail Patra, etc.

# Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami (also known as Vasant Panchami for many people of India). This festival is celebrated for the arrival of the spring season. On this day people do worship of goddess Saraswati ( Maa Sarawati – wife of God Bhrama). Some people also celebrated this day as Saraswati Poojan.

# Eid Al Fitr

India is a county of many different religions. Eid Al Fitr is the festival of the Muslim Religion. It is also known as the breaking fast festival. It is a very famous festival of Muslims also celebrated all over the world by Muslims. It comes under 10 months of the lunar calendar after Ramadan.

# Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan is also known as rakhi. Rakhi is the festival of Bro and Sis. “Raksha” means protection and “Bandhan” means a tie. You can also call it Protection Tie in normal English translation.

# Navratri – Longest in List of Indian Festivals

Navratri is the longest festival in India. It is 9 days long Fasting festival. Hindu’s do fasting and on the 8th ( Ashtami ) or the 9th day ( Navami ). They completed their fast. After that, they worship Mata Durga (other Goddess also ) and give kanjak to young girls (ax age 15).

# Dussehra

Dussehra is the 10th of Navratri after worship of Goddess on the 9th day. People will burn Ravana on the 10th day and celebrate the victory of Lord Rama (Bhagwan Ram) over King of Lanka Ravana ( Ravan).

# Diwali

How can forget the most famous festivals Diwali from the list of Indian festivals. Diwali is the festival of light and diya’s. People celebrate Diwali just after 21 day of Dussehra o celebrate and welcome back Lord Rama ( Bhagwan Ram ) to Ayodhaya with his brother Laxman and wife Mata Seeta after 14 years of vanvas in Nashik. People burn candles and diya to bring more light and celebrate the victory of lights over darkness, good over bad, Bhagwan over Rakshash.

# Christmas – Last in List of Indian Festivals

Christmas is Christin’s festival but it is famous all over the world. It is also declared a public holiday. People celebrate this day in the name of Jesus Christ’s birthday. They Decorate their house with lights and Buy a Christmas Tree. Decorate Christmas Tree with light and Socks. People have stories of Santa Claus also. Most of the children still waiting for a Santa who will give them a gift whatever they want. I hope you will enjoy Christmas 2020 with your loved ones (family and friends).

About – List of Indian Festivals

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Thank For Reading


1. Merry Christmas Wishes Images

2. Merry Christmas Wishes 2020

3.  Best way to share wishes

4. Top Wishes you should know

5. Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

6. Best Friendship Christmas Messages

7. Merry Christmas Greetings

8. Why Everyone Loves Santa?

9. Best Gifts for Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas Wishes – Everyone knows Christmas is the festival of gifts and happiness. Christmas is the best thing everyone is waiting for in the winter. As we all are aware that Christmas falls in the month of December and the date is also fixed 25th December, not like other some other festivals which come on different dates. For instance, Diwali, Holi, Rakhi, etc. On every Christmas day, they put whole efforts to make this day very special and extraordinary. They all celebrate Christmas with their family and friend. Accordingly, everyone decorates their houses, cook extra delicious food, Decorate Merry Christmas Tree, Do parties and send Merry Christmas wishes on cards. Therefore, Merry Christmas wishes do matters a lot, greeting each other and wishing Merry Christmas 2020. Similarly, People in the world used to wish on Christmas in different ways, some send Merry Christmas Quotes 2020, some send Merry Christmas Gifts, Some send Merry Christmas Images 2020, Merry Christmas GIFs, Merry Christmas Greeting 2020, Merry Christmas Messages 2020. As a consequence, which you can download from our blog only for non-commercial use. However, You can use these Images on Kind social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, WhatsApp, etc.

Merry Christmas 2020 | Merry Christmas Wishes 2020 | Merry Christmas Quotes 2020 | Merry Christmas Messages 2020 | Merry Christmas Images 2020| Merry Christmas Greetings”

1. “Magic & Memories are what X-Mas is all about”

                                                                                     – Lynn Johnston

Merry Christmas WishesSimilarly, Do you know what Christmas is for? Its very simple answer is memories for peoples you love and care about.

2.  “Christmas waves a wand over the Universe, & observe, everything is more flexible & very Beautiful”

– Norman Peale


In other words, You can roll the magic wand to make the world softer with your smile and Happiness. 

3. “Christmas’ll always be as long as you/we stand Heart to Heart & Hands in Hands together”

– Dr. Seuss


In other words, Every Day is Christmas if we all stand-up together. And help each other.

4. “One of the most remarkable messes in the universe. Is the mess that we created in our living room on Christmas Day. Do Not clean it up to quickly” Merry Christmas

– Andy Rooney


Therefore, Now i am going to make more mess in my living room.

5. “Christmas acts like a Fevikwik, it keeps everyone sticking together”

– Rosie Thomas


In conclusion, You should use Fevikwik instead of Glue

6. “Christmas day is the meaning of Traditions, A special day celebrate in the warm circle of loved ones” Merry Christmas!

– Margaret Thatcher


In conclusion, we should celebrate Christmas with our loved ones.

7. “The best way to spread Christmas Greetings is singing loud for all to hear”

Merry Christmas


In short, Sing a song if you’re a good signer only then.

8. “Tis the season to wish another celebration and Luv & calm.”

                                                                     – Merry Christmas

9. “The Happiness of Christmas is Family & Friends”

                             – Warm Merry Christmas wishes to all my dear friends


10. “Christmas is a Day of Donation and Celebration. May Santa make you Rich in both.”

                                                                                  – Warm Merry Christmas Wishes!

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas Wishes 2020

Sometimes, we are not with our family or friends and we all have long-distance relationships in families or friends, or any relative. As we don’t have superpowers, can’t meet everyone on Christmas Day to Give Merry Christmas wishes. So, with the help of social media, we can wish them. But How to wish? At that time only we can use Christmas wishes.

Best way to share wishes

i. We can post wishes on Facebook posts, groups, pages, and Facebook Messages.

ii. Through Instagram Story, Post, and DM also we are able to share wishes.

iii. You can also use Chatting Apps like Hike, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Skype, Telegram, Line, and WeChat, etc

Top Wishes you should know!

  1. “May Christmas be fulfilled happiness and joy. Merry Christmas”
  2. “May this Christmas you’ll be able to get whatever you want in your life. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”
  3. “May God bless you with all success in your life. Merry Christmas Friend.”
  4. “May God bless you with loving Christmas eve with your family and loved ones!”
  5. “Warm thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!”
  6. “I wish this Christmas bring brightness in your life. “
  7. “May God bless you the power to face every bad situation of your life.”
  8. “X-Mas gives you positive energy like a snowfall!”
  9. “May Santa gives you the best gift of your life.”
  10. “May God bless us with lifetime togetherness, Merry Christmas My Dear Friend”

Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

Friends are so precious things God has gifted us. Every single relation was made in havens. But Friendship is the only Relation we can choose, we can decide. Celebrate Christmas with Friends (BFF, BAE, Best friends, school friends, childhood friends) is so important because Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota hai!… But if you are not able to celebrate Christmas with your friends, don’t be sad you can send our Extra Friendship Christmas Messages to your friends and make them feel so lucky. This Christmas, You can show your friends love, care to your friends.

Best Friendship Christmas Messages

  1. “For ur X-Mas time I wish you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love but only with me”
  2. “Years ago, I wished for a True Friend with Santa. And then I met you, we become Best Friends. Thank you, Santa for this best Gift”
  3. “You are the best person with whom I can make snowmen & travel a world this Christmas My Dear Best friend!”
  4. “Hi! Best Friend, This is no distance too far away b/w Best Friends. Still feels you are with me. Missing you, Merry Christmas!”
  5. “Merry Christmas Best Friend, A person who helped me in every bad situation and loves me anyway.”

Merry Christmas Greetings

Christmas greetings – Are you searching for greetings for your Christmas Cards or you’re searching for the best greetings for your stories, etc. Then we are here to give you the best Merry Christmas greetings 2020. On the other hand, Most of the Peoples love long Christmas greetings and some love short Christmas greetings. In contrast,  share both types of greetings here you can choose according to your needs. In short, you can Check, Read, Understand, and share.

“The Magic of Christmas never ends & the greatest gift of Christmas are family and Friends”

Best Wishes for a very
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Wishes

Thinking of you dis season
and wishing that
all the days of Christmas
will be happy ones for you

Merry Christmas greetingsFor what’s coming this X-Mas,
I wish you warmth and luv.
Let the people don’t fail you,
And let the smile in the heart for everyone
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Wishes

From House to home,
and heart to heart,
from one place to another place.
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
brings us closer to each other every day.


Why Everyone Loves Santa?

As in our previous blog (What is Christmas), we gave you full information about Santa also. But, let me help you to recall some. To start with Santa, Also known as Father of Christmas. But, Santa’s real name is Saint Nicholas. On the other hand, most people love to call him only Santa. In other words, Santa is the person for most of the peoples or children are waiting at Christmas. Because Every one known Santa Claus stories, Getting Gifts from Santa Claus is the biggest wish of every person who celebrates Christmas. Either, Real Color of the Santa Claus Dress was Green and white. Then it got changed in Red and white because of advertising in the CoCa-Cola company. From that time, Till now we admire Santa Claus in Red and White suit.

Best Gifts for Christmas 2020

If you are planning to give gifts to your friends or family this Christmas 2020. Then it is the best thing you’re planning this Christmas. Because Everyone Feels special if they get a gift at Christmas. If you want to make someone so specials then here we are here with the best gifts for you.

Christmas Mug for you 400 ML
Merry Christmas Cup/Mug

However, Best use as a Coffee, Chai, Milk, any other beverage. If some are Mug lover or love to collect mug as a collection then this is the Perfect Gift.


Price: 299 Rs /- Merry Christmas
Santa Claus Printed Cushion Christmas Decoration for House Party, Gift, Home Decorations. Similarly, You can gift this to Men, Women, Husbands, sisters, and Friends, etc. Secondly, the Size of this will be 12 x 12 Inches Next, This Gift color will be Red( Santa Photo)

Price: 317Rs
Christmas Tea Light Holder
In the first place, a Light holder with a pattern of ReIndeer
However, the color will be white of 1 pc.
Secondly, the size will be 3×3 inches


    Diwali 2020 | Happy Diwali wishes | Happy Diwali Images | Happy Diwali Quotes – 2020 Diwali date

    Hello Friends, Welcome to the Indian Festivals Diwali 2020 Blog. The year 2020 was very dramatic, bad, nasty, and critical for everyone in the world. But in India, the condition is much worst. But we will still celebrate Diwali in the year 2020.

    Diwali is the Hindu festival of Light and firecrackers. But most important sharing happiness and celebrate with our loved ones. For that everyone needs Diwali Quotes, Happy Diwali Quotes, Diwali Images, Diwali wishes, Diwali Offers and Diwali deals, etc.

    Happy Diwali Wishes 2020: Diwali 2020

    Diwali Wishes in English

    Happy Diwali Wishes in Hindi

    Diwali Quotes : Diwali 2020

    Happy Diwali quotes are very important for everyone. Because we may not attend each and every party or outing with all loved ones and Diwali is the most-loved festival. Diwali brings happiness delicious sweets, Pooja, Firecrackers, and the most important gift. But as we said we may not be able to spend time with every friend or family member. we normally wish them via. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Email, etc,.

    So let’s have a look at Happy Diwali 2020 Quotes in English and Hindi also. Below you can find Diwali quotes in image format and text format too. Choose according to your need.

    Happy Diwali Quotes in English

    Let’s Celebrate the great Indian tradition of Joy, Sweets, Lights, and Happiness.


    An occasion to celebrate victory over the defeat, light over the darkness, awareness over the ignorance, an occasion to celebrate your life. May this auspicious occasion light up your life with Happiness Peace and Joy! Happy Diwali 2020


    Candles to enjoy life, Decorations to light life, presents to share success, firecrackers to burn evils, sweets to sweeten success, and workshop to thank god!
    Wish you a joyous and prosperous Diwali


    Diwali wishes

    Let us celebrate the great Indian Tradition of
    Joy, Light, Sweets & Happiness
    Happy Diwali


    • Celebrate this Diwali by Sending Hindi Diwali Quotes, Greeting, and Diwali Quotes in Hindi to Your Friends. Enjoy this Diwali Wishes in Hindi Collection with friends and family members. Wish you a very Happy Diwali
    • Wishing you a Happy Diwali glowing with peace, joy, and prosperity! Happy Diwali to All
    • This Diwali is as bright as ever. Happy Diwali
    • Wish you a very very very Happy Diwali to you and your family. Happy Diwali
    • May this Diwali, Comes up with a new beginning, a Fresh mood, and a great dream. Wishing you and your family Happy Diwali..!

    Happy Diwali Quotes in Hindi

    आइए हम भारतीय महान परंपरा को मनाते हैं
    खुशी, प्रकाश, मिठाई और खुशी

    शुभ दीवाली

    हार पर जीत का जश्न मनाने का अवसर, अंधकार पर प्रकाश, अज्ञान पर जागरूकता, अपने जीवन का जश्न मनाने का अवसर। यह शुभ अवसर आपके जीवन को शांति शांति और खुशी के साथ रोशन करे!
    दीपावली की शुभकामनाएँ २०२०


    दीपावली आए तो रंगी रंगोली,
    दीप जलाए, धूम धड़ाका, छोड़ा पटाखा,
    जली फुलझडि़यां सबको भाए,
    आप सबको दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं


    फूल की शुरुआत कली से होती है,
    ज़िन्दगी की शुरुआत प्यार से होती है,
    प्यार की शुरुआत अपनों से होती है,
    अपनों की शुरुआत आपसे होती है


    • हरदम खुशियाँ हो साथ, कभी दामन ना हो खाली, हम सभी की तरफ से, आपको शुभ दीपावली
    • आई आई दिवाली आई, साथ मे कितनी खुशियाँ लायी, धूम मचाओ मौज मनाओ, आप सभी को दिवाली की बधाई
    • दिवाली के इस शुभ अवसर पर मेरी शुभकामनाये कुबूल कीजिये खुशी के इस माहौल मे, हमको भी शामिल कीजिये
    • दीपावली से एक दिन पहले पटाखे की उछाल और दीयों की जगमगाहट के साथ उत्सव की अंतर्दृष्टि। खुली बाहों के साथ बड़े दिन के असली उत्सव का स्वागत करें। चमत्कारी DIWALI हो
    • इस दीवाली चलो अपने बुरे समय को जलाओ और आप दर्ज करें अच्छे समय में।
    • मई फेस्टिवल ऑफ लाइट्स, फुल योर लाइफ विथ द ग्लो ऑफ हैप्पीनेस एंड द स्पार्कल ऑफ जॉय।
    • आपको बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं, उज्ज्वल और समृद्ध दिवाली!

    What is Diwali

    Diwali 2020: Diwali is the most famous and enjoyable Indian Festival and also know as Deepawali and the festival of lights. Diwali is the 5 days long festivals which normally fall in October or November month, Because the exact date is Depending on the Hindu lunar calendar. According to the Hindu calendar, it normally happens on the 15th day of Kartik. In 2020 Diwali is on 14th November. Since ancient times, Diwali is celebrated for the great victory of Lord Ram and returning to Ayodhya after 14 years of banwas with his wife ( Mata Seeta ) & brother ( Laxman) after defeating Rawan (King of Lanka). Its start from 12 nov 2020 to 16 nov 2020

    • The First day ( 12 Nov 2020 ): The first day is dedicated to Dhanteras. It refers to the 13th day of the Hindu Lunar calendar
    • The Second Day ( 13 Nov 2020 ): Second day is dedicated to Choti Diwali (also known as Naraka Chaturdashi. Naraka means Hell & Chaturdashi means the 14th day of the Hindu Lunar calendar.
    • The Third Day ( 14 Nov 2020 ): On this day there is a new moon day also known as Amavasya. This is the darkest night of the month. We burn candles and Diyas at our home in the name of Shree Ram to defeat the darkness. We worship Mata Laxmi ( WIfe of God Vishnu) and God Ganesh ( Son of Mata Parvati and Mahadev Shiva). In India, we also worship Maha Kaali (also known as Maha Sakti who made everything) in West Bengal, Assam, and Odisha.
    • The Fourth Day ( 15 Nov 2020 ): It has different meanings across India. In north India, Govardhan Pooja is celebrated for this day. In Gujarat, It’s a new year.
    • The Fifth Day ( 16 Nov 2020 ): This day is known as Bhai Duj. The festival of brother and sister very similar to Rakshabandhan( know as rakhi ).

    How we can Celebrate Diwali 2020 in corona

    Actually, everyone knows how to celebrate Diwali but still if we’ll see the current condition of India. Corona Virus is everywhere and we must not forget that safety is first and according to the air population too. we must care about that too.

    India and Indians are still surfing from Covid 19 from march 2020. where most of the countries are now almost free with coronavirus. Some of the people in India lost their job, some are facing huge losses in business or in their shops. Still, we are Indian we have a Jugad of everything. So everyone in India does their own jugad of surviving with this pandemic situation. Our Indian People ohh..! I must say our Indian family. We Indian celebrates each and every festival with too much energy and power. Doesn’t matter what’s the situation or what problem we are facing. once it comes to the celebration with our loved once Then we leave all the trouble

    Thanks For Reading..!!